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The extensive lineup of Bobcat compact and large excavators makes it easy to find the right machine to accomplish more on your jobsite.

Proven performance, added comfort options and enhanced design to maximize uptime, make Bobcat®  excavators a must-have on your job site. With models ranging from 1-2 ton to 16-18 ton size classes, there’s a machine to match every working condition, jobsite requirement and project task.

Choose an excavator with the ideal combination of horsepower, dig depth, arm configuration and tail swing style for your work. Add specialized attachments that do more than dig, and maximize productivity on every project you can take on, no matter how big or small.

Bobcat Mini Excavator Sales Program Promotion Image
Offer Ends June 30, 2022

0% Financing or Cash Rebates on Compact Excavators

Break ground and save big with a new Bobcat® compact excavator. Get 0% financing for up to 24 months* or, in lieu of financing, receive select-model rebates of up to $2,400 USD*/$3,100 CAD*.

The offer starts 04/01/2022 and ends 06/30/2022

New R2-Series Compact Excavators

Because you never stop pushing to do more.

See how R2-Series compact excavators, also known as mini excavators, take your performance to the next level. These powerful machines are also highly maneuverable, enhancing productivity on the jobsite. So test your limits and keep pushing to do more. R2-Series compact excavators will be pushing too.

Wherever You Work, Bobcat Excavators Get More Done.


Bobcat E145 Large Excavator Digging Into Rubble On Construction Site

With Bobcat excavators on the construction site, you have the power, maneuverability and versatility to adapt to numerous jobs. Compact excavators provide a finely tuned input response for precision movements or productive power for digging footings or excavating basements. Large excavators offer a bigger solution, yet are sized to move from jobsite to jobsite. They deliver powerful hydraulic arm and bucket forces ideal for both commercial and residential construction, as well as challenging roadway and bridge projects.


Landscaper Using Bobcat E32 Mini Excavator With Auger Attachment In Backyard Project

Compact excavators offer more ways to expand your business by digging ponds, shaping berms, trenching for water lines and more. The compact size offers enhanced maneuverability in tight campuses or residential yards. The clamp-compatible extendable arm option offers powerful lifting with the convenience of picking and placing objects with the clamp. Plus, easy routine maintenance makes it simple to achieve maximum uptime at peak performance, so the machine is ready to work when you are.


Utility Workers Using Bobcat R2-Series Mini Excavators With Grapple Attachments To Lay Pipe

For residential and commercial utility projects, compact excavators offer more ways to complete the job, including breaking concrete, excavating, grading, trenching, picking and placing or compacting. Multiple tail swing options provide plenty of maneuverability to do trenching and digging in tight-fitting jobsites. The angle blade enables quick backfilling when digging utility trenches. For heavy-duty utility projects, large excavators deliver performance for bigger jobs.


With a range of options to choose from, it’s easy to find a Bobcat excavator that meets the demands of your jobsite. Review the range of sizes, tail swing types and capabilities available in our lineup and choose the excavator that’s best suited to tackle your job.

Compact Excavators

When you need big time power in a small package, Bobcat compact (mini) excavators answer the call. Featuring enhanced comfort and precise performance, every machine we make is engineered to give you more control over your work. Take productivity to the next level with your ideal piece of compact equipment.

Large Excavators

Meet the solution to your biggest challenges. Bobcat large excavators have the size and maneuverability to get tough jobs done. Upgrade your jobsite with the ideal combination of machine weight, power and capacity needed for heavy-duty digging and lifting.

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